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We’re so excited to announce that a new local sports brand have chosen to support Conwy Mind through their sales!

Well Armed are a brand new sports apparel that understand the importance of mental health as well as physical health. They are passionate about making a difference to their local community and that’s why for every purchase 5% of the profit goes to Conwy Mind. Double the impact with their W-Armed X Conwy Mind range, proudly donating 10% of the profit per garment. 

Well Armed are committed to social responsibility and sustainability. They are dedicated to outfitting athletes with gear that not only enhances performance but also minimises environmental impact. At W-Armed, they believe in the power of recycled technical materials to redefine the boundaries of sportswear. Each garment is meticulously crafted to embody sleekness and functionality, ensuring that athletes can push their limits while treading lightly on the planet.

Here at Conwy Mind we are so grateful to Well Armed for supporting us, it not only helps us raise vital funds to support our free services but also raises awareness so more people can find out who we are and what we do. Hopefully spreading the message that nobody should face a mental health issue alone and encouraging people to get in touch with us if they’re struggling.

To check out the Well Armed shop head here!





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