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Many of us use social media every day – why not use it to raise funds and awareness for Conwy Mind

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These days, social media is much more than just a tool for keeping up with your friends and family — it’s a portal to almost every brand, business and cause you can possibly think of.

Supporting us on social media is important to help more people see our message, to help end the stigma surrounding mental health, and potentially contribute to our efforts. Reactions, comments and shares all help us to spread our message further!

Conwy Mind regularly updates the following social platforms. Give us a follow!

Birthday Fundraisers

…or anniversaries… or weddings … any occasion you want!

If you’re on Facebook, it’s super easy to set up a fundraiser for your birthday, any other occasion, or just because you want to try and raise some money.

Simply click [our unique Facebook Fundraiser link], set up your page and share it with your network! Asking friends and family for a donation to a cause you care about in lieu of presents is a great personal way of helping a charity. Plus, all donations made on Facebook are 100% free of fees, so every penny you raise counts!

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