Therapeutic Groups

We are developing a range of groups, facilitated by a counsellor.

Coping With Life – Anxiety Management Group

Coping with Life- Anxiety Management is a 6 week CBT based programme designed to help you make helpful changes, and to develop skills and techniques to help manage life’s challenges. A supportive, but self-directed course.
You can benefit from positive mutual support that develops within the group, recognising and normalising similar thoughts, feelings and behaviours that appear in response to anxiety. 

If you’re 18+ and are experiencing low to moderate anxiety issues, Coping with Life could be for you.

LGBTQ+ Group

Our LGBTQ+ group is a virtual opportunity to grab a panad and chat with others in the LGBTQI+ communities who can relate to similar experiences and thoughts. It’s an open, non-judgmental space to be yourself.

The group is facilitated by supportive staff from Conwy Mind, and invites guest speakers along from within the LGBTQ+ community, including some well known names, community leaders (maybe even a celebrity or two.)

If you’re 18+ and identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, our LGBTQ+ group could be for you.


Anxiety Group

Our Anxiety Group is a 6 week virtual programme tailored to help you to open up your world, through peer support, CBT, and mindfulness. We aim to build your confidence to help you to better manage social situations, and learn new skills to put into practice for the future. We explore the impact of thought processes and diet on anxiety, and ways to improve your wellbeing through a combination of different techniques.

If you are 18+ and experiencing low to moderate anxiety issues, our Anxiety Group could be for you.


Get in touch

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