5 Ways to Wellbeing

Learn proven techniques to improve mental health and wellbeing and build resilience.

Course content:

The Ways to Wellbeing are based on research conducted by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). The Five Ways to Wellbeing are things you can do each day which are good for your sense of overall mental health, happiness and wellbeing.

You will learn:

  • The importance of interacting well with other people & how to make positive connections.
  • Why active bodies lead to healthy minds.
  • How to fully take notice of the positives in your life no matter how small.
  • Why you’re never too old to learn.
  • When to dive in and help out, giving your time.

 By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Utilise the tools & strategies you’ve learnt, to incorporate the Five Ways to Wellbeing into your everyday life.
  2. Demonstrate where the Five Ways to Wellbeing could be most effectively implemented in your daily routine.
  3. Create effective methods of overcoming obstacles to wellbeing.

Course length:

2 hours via Zoom or face to face with a tutor, plus one hour of self-directed learning

Course costs:

£65 per person

Concession rate for group of 10 – £600

20% discount for third sector organisations/charities; schools and colleges; keyworkers/emergency workers.

To book a course:

To find out details of open courses you can attend individually or to book a course for a group of people, please contact:


01492 879907

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