For Peter,* a difficult childhood along with physical and emotional abuse from a partner sadly left his mental health at rock bottom. Peter struggled to sleep most nights; his mind would spiral going from one bad thought to the next which would sometimes result in panic attacks before bed. The poor sleep only made his anxiety and depression worse, creating a viscous cycle he struggled to get out of.

Things got so bad for Peter that when walking home near a bridge one day the thought of taking his life came into his head. He also recorded suicidal notes for his family, but thankfully his wife found them before he could go through with anything.

Sadly, Peter’s upbringing had created very negative beliefs for him. He was raised to work hard, make money and complete certain milestones. But, when it came to his own enjoyment and doing nice things that made him happy, it was considered selfish.

Peter was referred to us by his GP and put on the Active  programme. Working with our Active Monitoring practitioner they had weekly phone calls and worked through the Active Monitoring booklets to concentrate on anxiety, low mood and low self-esteem. Peter said, “This has definitely helped me to manage my feelings. It has reduced my anxiety as it was so bad before. Before the sessions I would be on a downward spiral and it would make my mood drop and cause me anxiety, but now with the tools I am reacting differently and using the strategies to help me with my feelings.”

Peter mentioned in his initial assessment that he would bottle things up but now he is able to communicate with his wife and has also shared with her what he has been doing during his active monitoring sessions. Peter recognises what a huge step this is for him.

Since doing the programme he is also starting to make positive changes in his life by exploring what he likes, what he enjoys doing and speaking to his family about having time together. He has put a board up in their kitchen of ideas and things to do. He now knows and understands the importance of taking time out for himself and doing what he enjoys.

Thankfully, Peter hasn’t had any more suicidal thoughts since he did Active Monitoring and feels he now knows what signs to look out for before they get too severe and suicidal thoughts enter his mind.

When asked how the programme has impacted his wellbeing and mental health he said it has given me a more positive outlook on life and for the future. Just knowing things will happen in life that are difficult, but I have ways of coping with it now with the strategies and support I’ve had.”

If you or someone you know are struggling with your mental health and would like support from Conwy Mind. Please get in touch: 01492 879907 or email

*For confidentially reason we have changed the name.

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